Climb, bike, bath or simply let you soul enjoy the peace and look into the wonderful mountain world. The summer in Flims has many sides! The Caumasee, known for his turquoise, is only fifteen minutes walk from the hotel Cresta. Further lakes are the lake Cresta and the lake of Laax which invite you to swim. Since 2008 the mountain world of Flims belongs to the UNESCO world nature heritage.

The Rhine gorge “Ruinaulta”, also called the Swiss Grand Canyon is a further impressive nature phenomenon, which can be marvelled in our region. You can not only hike, if you wish, can go with a canoe or raft to travel through the fascinating gorge. For the youngest wait “Amy Sabi”, the friend of animals and of the woods and takes children into his summer-wonder-land… there is much to discover in the summer of Flims.


It`s more various ways to the mountain top and pass the mountain ways. To hike in Flims, Laax, Falera will be an unforgettable memory. Culinary hike trails, a teaching way of the planets and the geological hike… These are just a few examples of the exciting walks in Flims Laax, Falera

The “water way” from Flims, the so called “Trutg dil Flem”. The walk goes from the source of the river Flem on the upper Segnes plateau all the way down to Flims along the Flem river. There are seven bridges, you cross, bridges which the famous bridge builder Jürg Conzett created.

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In Flims, Laax, Falera 330 of kilometres of bike routes are ready for two wheel adventures. There is something for everybody. Friendly and easy tours for beginners and family can change with difficult and downhill routes. Plenty of various ways are suitable to ride with an E-Bike. An increasing hill can be mastered with ease. The cable car Flims-Foppa and Foppa-Naraus offers the possibility to transport the Bikes.

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UNESCO world Heritage Tektonik Arena Sardona

In 2008 the “Tektonik Arena Sardona” was added to world nature. In no other place in the world can one recognize the great history of stone layers as here. It makes a deep impression to see the younger rock moved towards the old one.

The “Martins hole” and the “Tschingelhörner” are also very fascinating hot spots of this beautiful nature reserve. Twice a year in March and October the sun shines through the Martins hole directly on the church in Elm, a village in the valley on the other side of the mountains.

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The Rhine has for many thousands of years created his way through stone and rocks. This created the Rhine gorge Ruinaulta, widely known as the Swiss Grand Canyon. The bizarre rock formation and high rock sides remind one the Gran Canyon of the USA. The Rhine gorge can be walked through on an easily walk able way. Different viewpoints open singular looks of the Rhine gorge and several barbecues on the way invite one to stay. The best known viewpoint is “Il Spir”. In approximately 45 minutes you can reach this on foot from the hotel Cresta. A breathtaking view! If wanted the Rhine gorge can be driven through by Canoe or Raft. Different offers organize guiding tours.

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