Welcoming and quiet lays the wellnes area of the Hotel Cresta in a beautiful garden surrounded by and with a magnific view of the imposing Flimserstein and other mountains.

spa pool

Wellness Pool

Our casual spa pool is heated during winter at 34 ° C, during summer season at 30 ° C. It is a modern ozone system, without chlorine.  Lots of attractions such as floor jets, counter-current, massage jets, neck jets and bubble bench wait on you  – a great fun for all ages

Sheer nature


Relax, sit back and  forget everyday’s life in warm water in this unique great surrounding  and with it’s  magnificent view on the impressive Flimserstein!

Swimming at any weather

Schwimmen bei jedem Wetter

Enjoy swimming at any weather  – even in snow and rain – and in front of you the impressive giant rock “Crap da Flem” ….

Swimming pond


Our bio pool is cleaned just by lava stones and plantes, no chemistry at all!! Feel the difference! The water feels really different to the water from the heated pool

Swim in this water like a mountain lake, so pure and soft. During summer the temperature of this bio pool varies from about 16 – 25 ° C, during winter it is very cold and often frozen, too cold for swimming, but maybe just right for a quick dip after a sauna?

Kneipp fountain

Kneipp Brunnen

The stimulating effect of Kneipp feet baths based on alternating hot and cold baths are well known since long ago. The refreshing effect atter a long day hiking, biking or after a long day on the skis is very appreciated, you will see and feel !



We have two fresh water whirlpools. In one the bath dures 10 min. in the other 20 minutes, if you prefer a long bath. Before each bath, the tub is rinsed and filled with fresh, warm water, so these bath are very hygienic.

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