Various saunas and steam rooms  with diff. temperatures and humidities, sometimes with the addition of fragrances and essential oils expect you in our wellness area.  A treat for body and soul.

Finnish sauna 88 ° C

Finnische Sauna

Our hottest sauna with aroma infusions.

Cabin log sauna 78 ° C

Blockhaus Sauna

Romance between two rocks in the garden is the wood log sauna with the unique rock shower.

Sanarium 65 °C



is also called bio sauna. Is especially appreciated by women because it is not too hot and essential oils are added.

Herbal bath 55 °C


A successful combination of caldarium, sauna and steam room, combining radiant heat, hot chairs, steam and herbal scents.

Clay sauna 35 – 55 °C, depending on the weather

Lehm Sauna

An earth-space of clay, recovered as in the lap of Mother Nature…-salty air, like a summer by the sea…

Steam bath 45 °C


Turkish bath with high humidity, low temperature and with the addition of essential oils.

Caldarium 30 °C


Our caldarium is a heated seat to slowly tune into the bath temperature. The Romans reposed here after taking a bath.. A place where people met and discussed.

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